Soft Skills Primer

Communicate More Effectively in Business and Life

Soft skills are a critical success factor to lead in today’s corporate society. By clearly understanding client goals and the skillset your organization needs, you will exceed client expectations.

Effective communication is necessary for you and your organization’s success. Improving these skills will help you understand the needs of your colleagues and clients — and the changes required to keep your processes and technology aligned with customer needs and keep ahead of your competition. Whether you’re the CIO, a project manager, a part of administration, or a member of the technical staff — you will benefit.

Soft skills are more than charm. A warm smile and authoritative handshake will help, but there’s more to it. Soft skills are organic and strategic. You become the leader within you.

Communication Courses

Soft Skills

  • Emails can make or break a career. Let’s learn how to write them effectively.
  • How should management communicate to employees during a crisis?
  • Your team just finished a big project. Way to go! Now, how do we celebrate that win?
  • You want to address your group, and you love how TED Talks connect with people. What’s the best approach?
  • Water cooler conversation. You run into a colleague at the water cooler or coffee machine. Or, you see them in a meeting. How (when and why) do you connect? What should you say?


Through my firm, American Speechwriter, I bring professional excellence into public speaking training, communications skills, and speech writing into every project. Deloitte, Harvard, Princeton, and SAP all have heard my speeches delivered by speakers trained by me. From Chicago to Taiwan, from Dubai to Mumbai — my reach is global.

Millions of dollars have been raised, hundreds of thousands of people have been encouraged, challenged, and convinced.


You might hear the delicious fudge story, the (not so) glorious typo disaster, and the embarrassing zipper fiasco.

You’ll hear real-world communication situations and we’ll work through those scenarios.

Let's Work Together

Now, we can work together. Join me in this adventure in learning and practicing important communications skills.

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