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All the topics covered in my services can be addressed as a 20-45-minute speech. These are convertible into keynote speeches as well (yes, even the one about email).


  • How to Have Lunch with Your Employees – I explain that a genuine discussion is about laying down roles and talking person:person.
  • Creativity and the Creative Process – How does writing really happen?
  • Creativity – How to see the extraordinary each day (and live to tell the tale)
  • Failure as a Positive: Going from the Bottom to the Top – Failure never stopped me. It didn’t even slow me down. I’ll explain why.
  • What I’ve Learned as a Speechwriter – A funny, intense look at things I’ve learned along the way
  • Why Literature Should Matter to Math Students – I announce my discovery of the end of pi, and help mathematicians appreciate great writing
  • Clarity of Message – How to speak efficiently
  • Confidence Building – Your audience wants to hear from you. I’ll help your audience know it
  • Storytelling – Get beyond the buzzword. Understand traditional literature in the context of speech writing.

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