Public Speaking Training

Learn to Deliver Your Best Speech

Nervous at the podium? Overwhelmed by the required preparation? Unsure how to establish rapport with an audience? This class is for you.

General speaking skills training. Gain leadership skills, confidence, and influence.

Each course is customized to the speaker’s needs, strengths, and weaknesses. Pick which course is best for you.

An Introduction to the Basics


  1. Best ways to begin and end the speech
  2. Cadence (the speed and song of a speech)
  3. Diction
  4. Enunciation
  5. Extemporaneous speaking
  6. Fix flubs on the fly
  7. How to hold a microphone
  8. Online presence (how to present well on Zoom)
  9. Storytelling techniques
  10. Volume and tempo undulation
  11. What to do during the 10 minutes (and two minutes) before the speech

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