Anthony Trendl

Speechwriter & Public Speaker at American Speechwriter

Coaching & Teaching

Coaching executives at SAP, Twitter, Deloitte and beyond for over 30 years


Speaking on soft skills topics, motivation, and fundraising.

What I Do

I teach the kinds of communications soft skills every employee needs. It is more than giving speeches — but whenever we interact with a colleague or client.

Anthony Trendl

Work with an Expert

Mr. Trendl has worked with global leaders for two decades, advising them how to best approach a communications problem. With diplomacy, he trains people to use their strengths to connect with their reports, colleagues and clients.

As a writer and speakers, he reaches into the heart of an audience. He builds relationships as he develops clients.

His early career centered in nonprofit public relations: manufacturing, education, and safety.

Later, he served as a senior communications director in the corporator sector, involved primarily in technology and insurance.

Now, he shows people how good communication skills bring real results, transcend industry, and increase productivity.


We have counselled leading executives from each of these companies and many others. We don’t know everything, but we ask great questions.

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