Celebrating Wins

Beyond High Fives

Good stuff happens. Celebrating those victories is a sign of strong leadership. Ignoring them misses an opportunity.

Your team just finished a big project. The software rollout was a success. You’re seeing record downloads.

Way to go! Now, how do we celebrate that win?

Gifts? Lunches? Words?

Please, no tchotchke. Please, not that catalog of company gifts. And no, no, no branded stress balls.

Saccharine corporate salutes serve no one. Genuine, enthusiastic cheering can go a long way.

We’ll look at the different forms of communication and how each can be used to encourage colleagues and reports. I’ll offer lots of ideas that will help your colleagues know they have something to celebrate.

An Introduction to the Basics


  1. How to say it and what not to say
  2. Gift cards, group lunches?
  3. Why “thank you” is still the most powerful way to celebrate
  4. How to celebrate with colleagues whose impact is behind the scenes
  5. What about huge victories? A trip? A car?
  6. Unusual methods for thanking someone (I’ve a few stories!)

Ready to get started?

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