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My lessons are fun, but you will learn something too. The skills you gain will help you lead, work with challenges, and excel in your career.

You can also hire me to speak to your company.

Public Speaking Training

Nervous at the podium? Overwhelmed by the required preparation? Unsure how to establish rapport with an audience? This class is for you. Available in small group and one-on-one options.

World’s Shortest Elevator Speech

Elevator speeches go on too long. I’ll train your team how to get it done before the elevator door closes. Are you giving a traditional elevator speech? You talk too much. I’ll bring my intense class to your staff and teach them what I’ve learned after over 30 years in professional communications.

Celebrating Wins: Beyond High Fives

Celebrating victories is a sign of strong leadership. Your team finished a big project. The software rollout was a success. You’re seeing record downloads. How do we celebrate that win?

Job Interview Training: Ready to Work

Job interviewing skills are essential for successfully navigating the hiring process and securing employment. Be prepared.

Water Cooler Conversation: Small Talk & Quick Coffees

You encounter a colleague in a small meeting. How (when and why) do you connect? What should you say? It’s more than small talk. What can you do to maximize the opportunity?

How to Write a Compelling Email

We write emails daily, but are we doing it right? A well-done email can make a million-dollar sale, but a few mistakes can ruin a career. We will go over the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Telling It Like TED: Presentation 101

You want to address your group, and you love how TED Talks connect with people. What’s the best approach?

Have a Conversation with Anyone

You meet with a range of people. How do you talk with them?

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Looking to increase your English conversational skills? Join other executives online. See English Conversation Table.
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