Telling It Like TED

Presentation 101

You want to address your group, and you love how TED Talks connect with people. What’s the best approach?

We’ve all seen the cool talk which has a guy sauntering up in a black turtleneck to big red dot on the floor. He tells you a story so riveting that you are now willing to follow whatever he has to say next. He finishes with a call to action so powerful and so visionary that you are now willing to devote your life to his cause.

I’ve written and consulted on dozens of TED and TEDx Talks. I’ll help you the way I’ve helped them.

Wow! I want to do that too!

Most of us will never be on the Ted Talk stage. Many of us, at some point, need to give a presentation at work involving some new initiative. That’s where these skills will come into play.


  1. What are the basics of a Ted Talk as they relate to the corporate world?
  2. The elements of a good presentation: What Ted gets right
  3. Incorporating storytelling into a presentation about a database
  4. How to avoid the Super Bowl commercial syndrome

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