How to Write a Compelling Email

Email Business Communications

We write emails daily, but are we doing it right? A well-done email can make a million-dollar sale, but a few mistakes can ruin a career.

If you’ve ever had an email that seemed to fall flat, get ignored, or open an array of problems, this is for you. 

We will go over the good, the bad, and the ugly. Mostly, though, we’ll focus on the great. What makes an email effective? What kills an otherwise useful correspondence? I’ll tell you about some disasters and about some brilliant emails.

Bring your emails, and we’ll analyze as many as we can.

An Introduction to the Basics


  1. When you should email
  2. Getting to the point
  3. How to avoid an endless thread
  4. When to be casual
  5. When to use bullets and other formatting
  6. Words to avoid (and words to include)
  7. How to say it briefly
  8. How to close the email
  9. What to do if you don’t get a reply
  10. What’s after the email?

Ready to get started?

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